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Stillness & Cycles

An essential introductory workshop for women’s wellbeing - open to ALL women.  

Where & when:

  • Willow Urban Retreat - 1205 High St Armadale, Melbourne

  • Sunday 2nd April, 2-5pm

This is an in-person event, held at Willow Urban Retreat with Women's Health Educator/Coach, Sara Harris.

What we will cover:

  • the wonder of the female body 

  •  the vital importance of understanding cycles

  •  how hormones work and why they are NOT the enemy

  •  why a relationship with your body is essential for dealing with stress

  •  what feeling fulfilled actually is

  •  the link between hormonal health, mental health and overall wellbeing

In this workshop we look at tangible ways to bring about true change to your overall wellbeing (physical, mental & emotional) and sense of feeling content with being you. This is not about quick fixes or magic potions but rather sustainable and lasting support for you to bring into your daily life. 

  • do your hormones seem to get the better of you?

  •  do you ever feel overwhelmed with life?

  •  do you feel unable to manage and deal with stress at times?

  •  do you struggle through your menstrual cycle or menopause?

  •  are you searching for something or someone to make you feel fulfilled?

  •  do you ever wonder what ‘self-love’ actually means and how to put it into practice?

  •  do you ever feel like you’re repeating them same cycles over and over without real change?

The workshop is very body focused where we dive deep into our relationship with ourselves and our bodies as women. You will gain an appreciation of how the body is always working to support you and hence why this relationship (with your body) is the most important one you will ever have. 

We will make it all practical with body awareness techniques that will facilitate a re-connection to the innate quality of stillness, the essential foundation and Number 1 ingredient required in every woman’s health care plan. 

Contact Sara with any queries: 

[email protected]
[email protected]

Ph: 0419 331 557

*This workshop is held in-person at Willow Urban Retreat in Armadale, Melbourne. You must be able to attend in-person to this event. Online attendance is not an option.